About Us

Afghan Women Social Welfare Organization (AWSWO) started its initials operation providing different capacity building and Skill development trainings to Afghan Women through the help of volunteers who participated from their own income. After receiving training they started working with the organization producing good quality outfits and supplying to Kabul market. This has been a great help for them and their families. Since the establishment of this organization, they became self-sufficient and supported their families economically.

AWSWO is one of the premier Afghan Women’s social welfare network founded by number of Afghan Women for Afghan Women and Youths. We are grassroots feminist movement with a long-term vision for women and Youths in Afghanistan. Dozens of volunteer women across the Afghanistan are committed to empowering Afghan Women and youth as well as improving their livelihood through Social and economic participation, political empowerment and awareness.

AWSWO has established a training unit where every month hundreds of youth take advantage from their quality trainings. AWSWO has started training Young Energetic Lawyers under Young Lawyers in Training Program (YLTP) to take active part in advocacy for the women and children.

In 2014, the AWSWO conducted a survey under the name of “Youth and Their Access to Higher Education”. Unfortunately, the findings showed unexpected results. Survey identified that majority of youth failed to receive higher education due to economic constraints and therefore, had to illegally immigrate to other countries.  

AWSWO   has recently started the Youth Empowerment Program where they have signed tens of Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) with the Universities in Kabul and Provinces according to which the universities will enroll students with over 75% discount for the whole educational period.

For those returnees and internal displaced youth who have less chances to go for their higher education, AWSWO paves the way with providing dormitories and higher education opportunities with maximum discounts with the help of its partner universities. However, in accordance to these MoUs, the topper of the classes will receive 100% scholarships each semester.

Through its Training Unit, AWSWO will provide capacity building programs to these students. After graduation, they will be referred to fellowship programs where they will get on-the-job training and experience. AWSWO will make sure to get them job opportunities after graduation through job fairs and linkage with Private sector.

Our Mission

Reinforce the sustainable development process of Afghan women Youth while strengthening and re-building communities.

Our Vision

AWSWO vision is focused on becoming a nationwide social welfare organization to elevate educational and social status of Afghan women and youth within the family, Afghan community and the world at large.