To help raise the literacy rate of Afghan women through providing basic literacy programs.

To provide educational and income-generating training opportunities for Afghan women in both rural and urban areas through organizing training, workshops on these fields.

To provide basic health care support in emergency case for Afghan women through related projects in rural and urban areas.

To help unemployed women get jobs through establishing social networks and creating self-employment culture among them.

To advocate Women Human Rights issues at local, national and international level through workshops, seminars with active involvement of all the potential networking partners including Government line departments(Law makers judiciary, law enforcing agencies), NGOs etc.

To provide opportunities for women to participate in the national events of their country through introducing women to relevant training workshops and thus creating links among women of common interest.

To work as a liaison or networking organization among those organizations having similar objectives to those of the organization (AWSWO) especially that address Women Social Welfare and Women Human Rights issues.