Please Support If You Can


To support Afghan woman and youth can give us a success life tomorrow; there is no hesitation that the future will offer much new opportunity of peace and success in Afghanistan.

We will carry on working untiringly to help woman and youth to be educated will place the foundations for an improved future.

Economy Growth and Capacity Building

The vast majority of women do not participate in paid economic activities making them highly dependable on their husbands or families. In some cases, a widow or vulnerable woman is unable to maintain the livelihood of her children due to lack of an income-generating skill.

AWSWO will ensure active involvement of Women in income producing activities such as, Skills development and other capacity building programs which will contribute further to both women’s empowerment and increasing household income levels.

Advocacy and Women Rights

Majority of Afghan women who have faced murder, violence, harassment, and other types of discrimination suffers from injustice of legal system. AWSWO will ensure to help the victims by using public and social media and pressure on legal system as well as supporting the victims of violence to include the program for reintegration into families, schools and society, as well as introducing to Partner NGOs running shelters for women “at risk” and vulnerable children.

AWSWO will ensure to promote enhancement of awareness of public in general and women in particular of women’s legal rights.

Health and Education

The literacy rate among women is being much lower than for men, the net primary school enrollment rate for girls (6-9) is around 21 percent while much higher for boys. In addition, majority of women in Afghanistan are unaware of their privileges because of illiteracy and unfair custom. A woman’s health, mostly among the poor and uneducated, is often mistreated not just by her family but by the woman herself.

AWSWO will ensure to take active part in supporting or implementing projects/ schemes for women’s health, education, employment and liberation.