Establishment of Women SMEs

AWSWO is committed to empowering women socially and economically. Now, we are planning to create jobs for our graduates. AWSWO always focus on sustainability of its programs, therefore, we have established the network for the graduates of our vocational training program. This network will work to create jobs for these graduates and AWSWO will facilitate them by connecting them to local and international markets.

Women graduated from our vocational training program are now able to establish small and Medium Businesses (SMEs). Although, they are very much skilled in their own field but they are not able to find markets for the good quality outfits produced by them. AWSWO has facilitated the representatives of this network to lease an outlet in Kabul Women Garden where they can easily sell their handcrafts and good quality outfits.

In addition, our graduates participated in different exhibitions including 8th March 2016 exhibition in Ministry of Women Affairs’ campus, 21st March 2016 in Bagh-e-Babur exhibition organized by the Saba Afghanistan, 21st March 2016 in Badam Bagh exhibition as well as an exhibition inside American University which made good incomes for our women network out of these occasions.

They have recently established a Garments Manufacturing firm named Efat-e-Afghan (EA Garments) manufacturing company.  Efat-e-Afghan Garment Manufacturing (EA Garments) is a women-led and women-owned business which is registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), established by the number of poor women who have received vocational trainings with Afghan Women Social Welfare Organization (AWSWO).

EA Garments provides best value solutions at competitive prices by offering a blend of experienced personnel and extensive past performance. Its the first company which produces massive good quality Medical Outfits inside Afghanistan.

The benefit from the revenue generated from these activities directly goes to the vulnerable women who are working as professional tailors in this company.