AWSWO Training Unit

AWSWO Training Unit (ATU)


AWSWO Training Unit (ATU) is a component working under direct supervision of AWSWO board of directors, Training Specialists, Job Development Specialists, Job Placement Specialists and Training & Capacity Development Manager.

ATU works separately in a versatile atmosphere to create a professional, productive and quality environment through which, governmental and non-governmental organizations receive better quality services, capacity building programs, standard and computerized training environment, Job development and placement, translations and consultancies services. ATU explores demand for specific services, skills and/or software applications, which promote the personal, social, and academic success of Afghan students and prepare them to join the labor market.

Apart from competency based trainings ATU will utilize the following supportive components for engaging fresh graduates and qualified jobseekers with labor market:

  • Individual Career Counseling —is the one-to-one relationship with a career counselor. – Career Fair—often held in the Fall semester as a way to introduce students to employers and potential careers.


  • Job Fair—the more focused “yes we are hiring” job fair will take place in the Fall or Spring semesters. Some smaller colleges combine to form consortium job fairs, which draw a greater number of employers than any one college could get on their own.


  • Career Assessments—personality, interests, skills, aptitudes, values and more can be measured through standardized assessments in combination with career counseling.


  • Career Seminars or Group Counseling—specific programs will be offered on career planning, career exploration, and other job search topics. Websites are often used as the reference guides for many of the job search seminars being provided.


Scheduled Trainings

Scheduled trainings are designed to improve skills, knowledge, productivity and performance of clients relating to useful competencies. Trainings are planed based on required skills and knowledge areas of the client.

  • To design & deliver high quality trainings for the clients.
  • To use international approaches and methodologies for trainings
  • To bring significant change in personalities of the clients.
Free Trainings

Free trainings are designed based on the market demand to improve skills of training participants in different fields of business such as Finance, Accounting, Project Management, Marketing, Sales, etc. These trainings are only designed for our client companies and qualified jobseekers and employers to have an extra bonus with the service they acquire from ATU. Trainings will take place in training rooms and conference halls of partner university and academic organization once in a month, whilst the venue for trainings will be selected based on feasibility and accessibility of majority of the participants.

  • To provide capacity building opportunities to Employees, Job Seekers and Students.
  • To promote learning culture among organizations, Employees, Jobseekers and Students.
  • To provide a platform to Afghan Youth where they can test and develop their interpersonal skills and get inspirations from emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • To promote entrepreneurship culture in youth and let them expand their point of view by sharing their business and development ideas.
Tailored Trainings

Tailored Trainings are designed on the demand of clients for improvement in the particular Skills and knowledge areas. The customizability feature of these trainings including (Venue, duration, trainer, approach) will be helpful for the clients to choose their required skills and knowledge.


International Trainings

International trainings are designed for corporate clients and for senior level management (CEOs, GMs, Managers, and CFOs). These trainings will be held in Dubai, India, Malaysia and other developed countries by experienced trainers of the particular training.

On-Job Trainings

On the Job trainings are designed to improve skills, knowledge, productivity and performance of employees within their regular or existing workplace to effectively perform his/her job.